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    2. Cinando Subtitles

      Cinando introduces: Cinando Subtitles. This game-changing online tool will boost the appeal and distribution of European films by promoting and sharing available subtitles. Cinando Subtitles allows industry players to store, promote, browse, find, buy and reuse existing subtitles easily.

      Key features

      Share & Monetize

      • Share subtitles with more than 300 VOD platforms, 1.500 distributors and 1.700 festivals
      • Monetize subtitles with no intermediaries and retain 100% of the revenues

      Check & Conform

      • Subtitles providers approved by the Cinando team
      • Quality check and conversion to TTML standard advanced format
      • Unique ISAN number for each subtitle version

      Archive & Protect

      • Long-term, free and secure repository to archive subtitles
      • Automatic notification to film rights-holders when subtitles are shared

      Become a subtitle provider:

      In order to share subtitles on Cinando, you need to apply. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions for Subtitles Seller and send this document to subtitles@www.mizhi5.com.

      Buy and sell subtitles:

      Acquire a subtitle file on Cinando is a fast and easy process: the two parties (buyer and seller) electronically sign a Terms of subtitles sale, the buyer transfers online the fee to the seller and can download the file immediately.

      A project by Cinando supported by Creative Europe Media

      In partnership with: