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    2. Welcome to Cinando

      Enjoy easy access to the most in-demand tools for film professionals now!

      Cinando is the premier online network for film professionals
      offering you the best tools to navigate the film industry:
      contacts, films, projects in development, market screening schedules,
      market attendees, screeners... it's all here!

      Cinando key figures


      Join the go-to networking platform for film
      industry professionals worldwide!

      Boost your Network

      Stay connected with partners and clients & create new business connections.

      Easy Search

      Use our search filters to quickly access film, company, and personal profiles all year long.

      Market Prep

      Access certified info: attendees, screening schedules and more within our market themes.

      Showcase yourself

      Highlight your company info, upload videos & post news about your activity.

      Stream on with Cinando Screeners!

      Security first

      Protect your screeners from piracy with DRM studio-grade security, non-removable individual watermark & detailed viewing reports.

      Smooth Streaming

      Our player automatically adjusts to your client's bandwidth to give them a smooth viewing experience.

      Invite in a flash

      Send out short invitation links to anyone from your Cinando account or personal mailbox.

      Watch offline

      Access content on-the-go via the Cinando Screeners app available for iPhone and Android.

      Take your favorite Cinando features on-the-go

      Download the Cinando app to keep real-time market updates at the tip of your fingers

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